In courtesy of JTBC
In courtesy of JTBC

Park Hae-jin speaks about his hobbies and collections in JTBC’s Non Summit

The November 7 episode of Non Summit invites Park Hae-jin as a guest, who comes to speak about his extensive collection. In the episode, Park Hae-jin talks about his collection of 1,800 pairs of shoes and the story behind the collection.

“When I was young, I couldn’t afford a pair of Nike shoes I wanted so much, which even made me jealous of a friend who had owned the pair,” says Park. As he is growingly established as an actor, he started collecting shoes and ended up collecting 1,800 pairs of shoes, mostly comprised of Nike sneakers.

He mentions that he is interested in the history of Nike as well, revealing his wish to visit its headquarter in Oregon.

Park Hae-jin also made people surprised by revealing his past career as a jewelry designer in China.


Original article by Lee Ji-young
Translated by Heewon Kim