Park Hae-Jin Volunteers to Appear in Fire Safety Promotion Video to Help Firefighters

Actor Park Hae-Jin continues to warm the society with another act of kindness!

On July 9, it was reported that Park Hae-Jin volunteered to appear in a promotional video for firefighters to educate the public about fire safety. On top of that, the actor has also volunteered to pay for all cost regarding the production of the video.

Park Hae-Jin has always used his power of influence for good causes. Examples include him volunteering at an event with his malicious commenters instead of suing them, combating fine dust in China through tree plantings, and other numerous donations and volunteer activities.

In fact, the actor’s connection to firefighters go all the way back to 2016.

To grant a wish from a fan who participated in a drama “Cheese in the Trap” donation event, he had presented gifts to the fan’s father, who works at Daegu Fire Station. At the time, he had given flowers, ginseng, and snack trucks to encourage the station’s firefighters as they fight through another day.

In addition, Park Hae-Jin had also volunteered to model for a global donation campaign for firefighters called “Hands For Heroes,” when he found out they were at risk of closing down the organization. The organization sells calendars to use the proceeds to help the families of firefighters, who did not receive proper treatment from acquired injuries while on duty.┬áBy volunteering as a model, the actor was able to get his fans to purchase countless copies of the calendars, thus preventing the end of the organization.

While promoting “Hands For Heroes,” the actor had encountered many unfair occasions that arose due to misperception of firefighters. In order to make right, he decided to make the promotional video to educate the public. Park plans to financially, physically, and emotionally support the production of video and continue to fight for better society.

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Translated by Dasol Kim


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