Park Gyu-Ri leaves a strong impression with a special cameo in SBS’ “The Last Empress” and brings out the intensity of the drama!

On December 12 episode of SBS drama “The Last Empress,” former KARA member Park Gyu-Ri made a special cameo appearance. In the drama, she played in the role of a married woman who tries to commit a suicide after discovering her husband’s affair with another woman.

Image Source – SBS

The character played a rather important role in the drama as her situation portrayed exactly that of the female lead, Oh Sunny (Jang Nara). In this particular scene, Oh Sunny herself had just witnessed her husband with another woman and was taking a stroll to make sense of what she had just discovered.

Knowing how this role would greatly affect how the story will unfold later on, Park Gyu-Ri put her 100% effort into the acting. She showed an array of emotions as if the situation had occurred to her in real life, touching the hearts of many and drawing the audience into the drama.

Afterwards, even through her appearance lasted no longer than a minute, Park was able to leave a strong impression to the audience and get the recognition for her outstanding performance.

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Translated by Dasol Kim