Former 2NE1 member Park Bom teases comeback for awaiting fans!


On March 6th, former 2NE1 idol Park Bom teased fans of her upcoming return as a solo artist on her personal social media, youtube channel and V Live app. To thank fans for waiting for her return, Park Bom used the V Live app to personally interact with fans and to share her thoughts.

On the V Live app, the former idol stated “I cried a lot. I was very touched at everyone’s support after the teaser was uploaded. I’m not sure how to express it but I am so thankful. I hope many people enjoy my song.”

“Spring” marks Bom’s return as a solo artist in 8 years and her first song under a different agency. Her upcoming single has been receiving even more anticipation once it was revealed the producer was none other than Brave Brothers with fellow 2NE1 Sandara Park starring in the music video!

Check out the teaser of Park Bom’s upcoming single ‘Spring’!

*Interesting note: The single has the same name as the singer. Bom means spring in Korean!


By Sara N