Park Bo-Young reveals she tends to give everything she’s got when in a relationship in real life!

On August 9, Park Bo-Young participated in an interview to talk about upcoming film “On Your Wedding Day” starring another actor, Kim Young-Kwang. During the interview, the actress how she actually dates in real life – that she tends to give everything she’s got to the other person.

First, she briefly shared her thoughts regarding the film “On Your Wedding Day,” and how she thought her character was a bad person at first sight. Park said, “when I took my first glance at the scenario, I thought Seung-Hee (Park’s character in the movie) was a bad person. Consequently, I put a lot of thoughts into how I can portray her the best and most accurate.”

She continued, “I thought this movie would gain much sympathy from women. However, it actually allowed me to understand how different woman and man’s perception of “first love” is. So there was this one time where I had stopped filming and had a debate with the director.”

“I told him this certain line was not appropriate because a woman would never say it in real life, and all female staff agreed with me. Thankfully, the director accepted a lot of my suggestions and opinions. While we had many differences regarding how to portray my character, I wanted to protect my Seung-Hee,” said Park.

When asked how she is when dating in real life, Park Bo-Young said she tends to give everything she’s got to the significant other.

Park answered, “I tend to give everything to the person I’m dating. But now I want to be in a bad romance. While it’s characteristic differences, I tend to find it easier to agree with the person despite what I think. However, I don’t really want to do that anymore.”

She continued, “while I was acting as Seung-Hee, I thought it was time I was the bad guy in a relationship. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m going to try anyway.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo-Young’s new film “On Your Wedding Day” with Kim Young-Kwang is set to premiere on August 22.

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Translated by Dasol Kim