Over the past few weeks, several celebrities have been pulled into the limelight not because of their accomplishments, but because of the shady financial dealings of their parents. However, while most have distanced themselves from these incidences or faced them head-on, Microdot has, for all intents and purposes, run away.

On the Tuesday broadcast of SBS “E-news Exclusive,” the show investigated the current whereabouts of rapper Microdot. Visiting the location of his last known apartment, a neighbor spoke with the TV crew, saying that they heard he moved out. More, the neighbor added that it happened in the middle of the night when there are fewer people awake to witness the move.

A local real estate agent corroborated the story. According to the agent,  who revealed that “the house was sold,” and is now listed under someone else’s name. His current location is unknown; he is missing, on the run, in hiding. Call it what you may, but I call it by a different name: career suicide.

Microdot’s move comes after a damaging situation involving his parents came to light last month. According to one victim, the rapper’s father was getting a loan from a bank for 600-700 million won (approximately 530,000 – 621,000 USD*).

To get the loan, he and asked several neighbors to co-sign the contract. Further, another victim claimed that his mother had taken around 2 billion won from a community fund (1,779,610 USD). Afterward, the couple packed up and left the country, heading to New Zealand without telling anyone.

After denying the allegations and hinting at legal action, Microdot admitted that the claims were true then dropped off the map. His career was going in an upward trajectory. He had several guest appearances on entertainment programs this year like “I live Along” and “Let’s Eat Dinner Together.” But the incident put a red light on his career.

He stepped down from his well-like cast position on “The Fishermen and the City” and Pizza Hut Korea nixed their deal with him as their new campaign model. For reference, Domino Korea’s current brand model in actor Park Seo-joon. He would have competed with one of the most popular Hallyu wave actors right now.

It is safe to say that after pulling out of different projects and dropped from others, he is now a pariah in the entertainment industry. There is little chance that he can hope to return to being in the public’s eye for at least the next year. Even if he wanted to, no one would likely want to work with him.

Microdot could have mitigated the reaction of the entertainment world should he have handled the situation better. He reacted too quickly, and now he and his family seem to be shying away from taking responsibility. The worse thing he would have done in this situation is to run away, and this is exactly what he did.

In contrast, other entertainers like Dok2, Tiffany, Ma Dong-SeokHan Go-eun, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Rain, MAMAMOO Wheein, and more have all been faced with the same situation. Many of the cases proved to be true, and each has met it head-on by paying the debts off promptly and apologizing. All are still working. What is particular about Microdot is that like the celebrities mentioned above, he surely has the resources to take care of his situation financially in some capacity.

The only other celebrity in recent memory who has committed career suicide in actor Lee Jong-soo. Earlier this year, the actor disappeared for more than a week after he was accused of fraud. His friends, family, and even his agency couldn’t track him down. He later reemerged in the U.S. and is now reportedly working at a casino close to Los Angeles.

While he is a permanent resident of the U.S., every move that he has taken thus far has made it increasingly harder for him to return to the Korean entertainment industry. Moreover, his agency Kook Entertainment decided to cut ties with him after he remained out of contact for a prolonged period.

With the Korean authorities in contact with INTERPOL and considering working with New Zealand authorities to repatriate the family back to Korea, the situation is critical. All that fans of Microdot can hope for is that he will come to his senses, reappear, and handle the situation promptly.



By O.C

Image sources – BNT International, OSEN News


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