Once the Gaon Chart Policy Commission implemented a new policy that freezes real-time streaming charts overnight, it revealed the significance of those hours for idol fandoms.

Real-Time Charts

BLACKPINK’s comeback earlier this year was well received. Great video, catchy song, punchy choreography, and an actual album rather than a single. Moreover, it had been almost a year since their last comeback. With that said, their fans were eager for something from the four-member girl group. More than that, they were ready to support — and support they did.

During their comeback, BLACKPINK managed to break various records as a K-pop group including being the fasted K-pop group to get to 200 million views on YouTube. In addition to that, their title track “Ddu-du Ddu-du” achieved multiple perfect all-kills (PAKs), a term used to describe when a song ranks no. 1 in both daily and real-time charts. Notably, their comeback came right before the Gaon Chart Policy Commission had implemented their new policy.

Whether the policy may or may not have affected the group’s performances we’ll never know. However, what we do know is that it did affect other idol groups’ ability to wow on charts — especially those who are generally expected to outperform other and get PAKs too like TWICE, BTS, and Red Velvet.

BTS comes extremely close to a perfect all-kill but takes the top spot in the weekly and daily chart aggregates – iChart Korea

Continually, since the implementation, fewer idols groups have come close to the top of the charts. More importantly, drastic shifts in ranking due to overnight streaming from dedicated fandoms. As such, when the hourly publication of ranks are sent out my iCharts Korea it more accurately reflect the true streaming trends in South Korea, even as the music grows increasingly international.

Soloist dominate music charts – iChart Korea

Indeed, when soloist like Sunmi, Roy Kim, Punch, Paul Kim  — some of which are not as well known internationally. Their accomplishments are significant in that they demonstrate who is really popular with the general public domestically.

Of course, there are many more steps that need to be taken to further deter chart meddling (which are mostly from fandoms, let’s be real). On the bright side, this small change laid before us a truth about the amount of manipulation that had and still is besieging Korea’s domestic music market.



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