Dating and finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is a desire that most have, but when you’re a K-pop star it seems like taking the risk to love someone else can lead to personal ruin.

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Goo Hara’s fallout with her now ex-boyfriend is the stuff of nightmares. Physical assault, a pending lawsuit, a police investigation, and now a sex tape. The entire ordeal has forever changed Goo Hara’s life, and likely her career and public image.

According to a recent report, Goo’s ex-boyfriend had threatened to release an alleged sex tape in the midst of an ongoing police investigation. A media outlet had apparently gotten a hold of an audio file where Goo’s ex-boyfriend is heard making the treat. Notably, he mentions that if he releases it, the tape will likely ruin her career.

This is the crux of the issue when it comes to dating a K-pop star (and celebrities in general). Being in the public eye makes celebrities particularly vulnerable when undesirable information about their private lives is exposed.

It can ruin their public image and make fans turn their back on them. This is doubly damaging when it isn’t just a friend or former business associate, but a romantic partner — someone with who is confident, a best friend, and lover. The intimacy of the betrayal is astounding and certainly traumatizing for the actress and singer. Unfortunately, she is not the first nor the last star to be threatened in this way.

Beloved ballad singer Baek Ji-young’s manager secretly recorded the two having sex back in 2000. While he did not release it right away, he used it as leverage in an attempt to blackmail here her when she attempted to hire a new manager. However, the singer did not give in to his demands. But as a result, he released the video and it forced her to step away from the stage for five years.

Having a relationship turn toxic and implode is just one of the ways that dating can be a risky business move. However, sometimes the pressure comes from the outside.

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In August, Cube Entertainment’s artists (for now) Hyuna and E’Dawn from boy group Pentagon announced that they have been in a relationship for up to two years. The confessions came shortly after the agency has issued an official denial of the rumors and in the middle of Triple H’s comeback. If the two artists were happy to finally have the truth revealed, that euphoria ended quickly when the backlash began.

Pentagon’s fans quickly descended on the couple for a variety of reasons, including feeling misled by their stage chemistry (they have chemistry off stage too, how upsetting), and because they were hiding it (but then they revealed it and…).

Not only that, but Cube Entertainment was forced to cancel Triple H’s promotional activities and removed E’Dawn from Pentagon’s schedule for the time being. In particular, in a stunning announcement, Cube Entertainment announced it had decided to oust the two singers.

The agency flip-flopped on the decision when their stock dropped. As of the writing of this article, Cube Entertainment has not announced the current standing of the two singers.



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