Ong Seung-wu met over 4,000 fans at his first solo tour city, Bangkok.


On March 16, the former Wanna One member Ong Seung-wu visited Thunder Dome in Bangkok, Thailand, to meet local fans. It was his first stop of the artist’s first-ever Asia fan meeting tour, “Ong Seung Wu 1st Fanmeeting Tour ‘Eternity.’”

As soon as the ticket sales opened, the online server went down and all 4,600 seats were reserved right away, proving the artist’s massive popularity.

Ong Seung-wu entered the stage singing Bruno Mars’ “Treasure.” Returning the fans’ enthusiastic welcome with a bright smile, the artist interacted with the local fans on site.


“Fans complete my life and everyday,” said Ong Seung-wu. “Fans are there to cheer me up, to be happy for me, and they complete the last piece all the time. I’m so grateful of everyone and I will work hard to become a completed one.”

Wrapping up the fanmeeting event, the singer said, “It’s only a start now and it’s only my first overseas fanmeeting event.”

“I’m so happy that we’re having two first times,” said him, implying the fanmeet as a member of Wanna One. “It feels so special to have two first times. It almost feels like it’s never-ending. There is no end to us and I will meet you all again.”

Ong Seong-wu then interacted with fans individually through a hi-tough session after the fan meeting.


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