OH MY GIRL Tops Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart

OH MY GIRL’s charm and talent have boosted their debut Japanese album to the top.

Image source – WM Entertainment, Ariola Japan

On Wednesday, OH MY GIRL Japanese Debut Album, the girl group’s first album in Japan, topped the Oricon daily album chart. Notably, the record features the Japanese version of the group’s hit songs, including “Remember Me,” “Secret Garden,” and “Closer.”

In addition to their album, the group also had a short three-day three-city tour. OH MY GIRL started the tour in Fukuoka on Jan. 4, then headed to Osaka on the 5th, and concluded in Tokyo on Jan. 6. In particular, the tour proved the group’s popularity with strong ticket sales at each location. Seats sold out at each location soon after they went on sale.

After successfully debuting in Japan, OH MY GIRL is engaging in a flurry of promotional activities. The group is scheduled to return to Korea on the 13th.



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