On April 2, Oh My Girl Banhana debuted with ‘Banana Allergy Monkey.’ Soon after its release, the parents of kids with anaphylaxis argue that the lyrics and choreography of this song apparently have offended them.

‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ is a song about a monkey that is allergic to bananas. The monkey eventually discovers that there is banana flavored milk and is glad that it doesn’t feel so out of place anymore. The parents of kids who have anaphylaxis, an extreme case of allergic reaction, argue that the song ridicules the pain of being allergic to something.

Image Source – WM Entertainment
Music Video of Oh My Girl Banhana’s ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’

In the song, there is a choreography where the members, Hyojung, Binnie, and Arin scratch their bottoms. Regarding this choreography, the parents argued that it was ridiculing the patients who suffer from anaphylaxis and their family members. In addition, they argued that lyrics that say “I’m a monkey who can’t eat a single banana. Even I think I’m lame,” may cause the kids with anaphylaxis to be ashamed of their allergies.

Image Source – Screen Capture from Naver Cafe
Image Source – Screen Capture from Naver Cafe

On April 6, many posts regarding the controversy popped up on various online communities for patients with allergies. Some comments wrote, “I am worried that the ‘scratching choreography’ will go viral and bully our children.” Others said, “the song suggests that being allergic is something to be ashamed. It’s not something that can be easily cured.”

Image Source – Screen Capture from Music Video of ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’

On the same day, WM Entertainment responded to the controversy.

In their response, they said, “it seems that the purpose of this song was twisted. We fully understand the worries, but we did not mean for the song to be played out like that. The song is about embracing our possible flaws and differences and staying strong with hope in our hands. It talks about staying positive in all aspects of life.”

In addition, the company said, “also, the song ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ is only a smal part of a bigger album. Oh My Girl’s pop up album will have other stories that connect with one another. We would be grateful if you could see the bigger picture, instead of focusing on specific words in the songs.”

Furthermore, the company said they have revealed that the composer of ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ is also allergic to apple at the showcase. The composer got the idea from his own allergies, and made it into a story. In conclusion, they said, “please don’t misunderstand our intentions behind this song.”


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