HA:TFELT re-debuts, Davichi releases M/V and teasers from BtoB and TWICE.

October comeback updates
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Information about TWICE’s October comeback have been scare. The only confirmed information that fans and the industry had alike was that they would return in October. However, this morning JYP Entertainment released a simple picture that provided some much needed information via TWICE’s site.

The new generation’s girl group will have a comeback on October 30. Although all but confirmed, Likey, the word spelled out in the single photo on the landing page of the group’s site, will most likely be the title track of the new album.

Any ideas on what the concept will be? Let us know!



Born to Beat (BtoB) has released a second teaser for their comeback that is just hours away. Furthermore, the concept of “Missing You” is dark and mature. We can’t wait for their new song to drop!


Yee-un, the former Wonder Girl, has made her official debut as a solo artist with a double track release. The two songs, “I Wonder” and “Read Me”, both tell the story of love, new beginnings and new perspectives. Unquestionably, both songs are, as her name implies, heartfelt and emotional and are excitingly accompanied by equally powerful and cinematic music videos.

Check out the videos below.




The power-vocal duo have released a lyric video for the song “To Me”. This is the second lyric-based video with the first being a “paper version” of the song found on their Facebook page. Granted, the released of lyric videos in lieu of, or prior to, a traditional music video is unexpected. However, whatever the case may be, the song is beautiful and both releases showcase the vocals that Davichi is known for.


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