NU’EST W reveals how they were able to stay together for 7 years!

On August 20, star&lifestyle magazine @star1 released a few pictures from the recent photoshoot with boy group NU’EST W. The boy group had stepped up to become the cover models for the magazine’s September issue, during which they also shared their secret to staying together for 7 years.

First, the group showcased a makeup look that suits the weather of fall, which is almost upon us. When asked about their experience modeling for a cosmetics brand Labiotte, the members answered “each member has a different and unique set of personality. We think the individuality makes us perfect for showcasing many different ways one can apply makeup. In other words, our individuality is our strength as makeup brand models. We think our fans mostly yearn for the “aloof, but handsome” image.”

The group also revealed that their secret to staying together for 7 years is “affection” towards one another. The members commented, “we have spent years together, and we developed a deep affection towards one another during those years. We believe it became the foundation of our long-lasting friendship; it made it possible for us to stay together for seven years.”

When asked about what they would like to achieve in the future, the members answered, “we want to be a group that can provide happiness for other people. To repay the love our fans have sent us, we will continue to work hard and diligently.”

Image Source – @star1 Magazine

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Translated by Dasol Kim