Actress Kim Yoo-jung’s poor health has hampered her performance, says agency.

Kim Yoo-jung
Image source – OSEN News

Kim Yoo-jung’s agency, Sidus HQ told the media on the morning of Feb. 26 that the actress “is in poor condition because of her thyroid gland. However, we don’t have any plans to proceed with the operation.”

The actress is scheduled to take on the heroine role in JTBC’s new drama “Clean With Passion For Now,” which is scheduled to air in April. However, the deterioration of her health has made it impossible to rule out a delay in the schedule. Regarding the possible changes, Sidus HQ said, “we are discussing it.”

Kim Yoo-jung was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism which can result in muscle weakness, fatigue, slowed heart rate, among other symptoms. As a result, she will reportedly be taking a break from work to focus on her health.

Meanwhile, the actress recently graduated from high school earlier this month.


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