After both artists severed ties with Cube Entertainment, Hyuna and E’Dawn show that they are still going strong as a happy couple.

Hyuna and E'Dawn

On Tuesday afternoon, Hyuna and E’Dawn had a live broadcast on social media, sharing a cute outting with fans. One their way to a vintage shop, the couple sat side by side in a car and interacted with fans in the chat.

During the broadcast, one fan asked about what E’Dawn finds charming about Hyuna. Laughing, the singer said that he likes her big eyes and that she has a healthy appetite. More than that, he also mentions that he finds so many things about her charming, so he didn’t know what to say. In response to further questioning, he joked that Hyuna is “hard-fisted and good at kicking” but that he luckily has healthy teeth.

Likewise, Hyuna also talked about E’Dawn. “He’s ugly but cute,” she joked, “In particular, when he is working he is very cool,” she said. Lastly, the singer mentioned that E’Dawn is kind and nice, smiling as she spoke.

Although the two faced a tulmultous period following the revelation of their relationship, they are still going strong. Notably, the two have continued their relationship after leaving Cube Entertainment. Hyuna terminated her contract in October while E’Dawn and the agency came to an agreement to void his contract this month.

As attention continues to focus on the couple, many expect that the two will continue to share their lives on social media. More, many also assume they will choose to continue their career together.



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