Singer Nilo’s agency has indicated that it will respond strongly regarding the recent controversy.

nilo sajaegi
Image source – Limez Entertainment

On April 15, Nilo’s agency Limez Entertainment released a statement where they reiterate that the “suspicion over Nilo’s music chart scandal raised on social media sited and communities on the 12th are absolutely not true.” Further, they also doubled down on a denial of “sajaegi” or chart manipulation resulting from companies buying their artist’s music.

Notwithstanding Limez Entertainment’s denials, many continue to speculate and make claims that there is wrongdoing. Apparently, some Netizens have spread information that the company created multiple fake accounts on music sites and continue to assert the company did participate in chart manipulation.

On this the agency acknowledged the matter saying that “Some netizens are spreading false information, even though [we] have disclosed that this is not true.” As such, “the damage is being exacerbated by the expansion and reproduction of the [false] material.”

Moreover, due to the controversy, other unrelated artists signed to Limez Entertainment have received personal attacks and slander. As a result, the agency announced that after much consideration they have decided to take “strong legal action to protect the artists and prevent deformation of the company.”

Additionally, Limez revealed they are also proactively investigating the issue and have “consulted with a professional law firm” on the matter. On April 16, the company will share any relevant information with investigative authorities.

The Beginning

Screen grab of Melon Music’s real-time chart. Nilo is in first place ahead of girl group TWICE.

The controversy began when Nilo’s song “Pass By,” which he released in October 2017, charted in first place ahead of major K-pop groups TWICE, EXO-CBX, and Wanna One. Subsequently, accusations arose that his agency Limez Entertainment has participated in chart manipulation, In response, the CEO Lee Siwoo wrote a long letter explaining and denying the claims.

Meanwhile, Nilo is in the no. 1 spot on Melon’s real-time music chart.



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