“New Room” obtained and released additional details surrounding the events that lead to the death of actress Jang Ja-yeon.

Image source – JTBC

On the afternoon of June 29, JTBC’s “News Room,” introduced a second interview with Miss. Yoon, a person who witnessed the sexual harassment and exploitation of late actress Jang Ja-yeon.

In 2009, Jang took her life, but left behind and an extensive list containing 31 names of real people. Those included on the list were people in entertainment agencies, broadcasting and media outlets, and financial workers at large companies. According to Jang, these people, she was forced to engage in unwanted sexual acts with them and was subjected to violence.

In a telephone interview with “News Room,” Miss. Yoon recounted an event where she witnessed Jang being mistreated. According to Yoon, the incident took place at a birthday party for the company’s major shareholder that she had attended in 2008. Jang was there as well under the instruction of her agency’s CEO.

There the two had to dance with the party attendees but were able to confide in each other. When Yoon complained that some of the men there were older than her father, she hated it and felt disgusted.

In response, Jang reportedly said, “Sweety, you really are naive, you don’t know as much as I do.”At the time, Yoon says she did not understand what Jang meant at the time. Further, Yoon claimed that the late actress faced severe economic difficulties after refusing to accept “offers” from a representative from her company.

Suppression of Information

Along with her reiteration of this event, Yoon said that her testimony had consistently been suppressed during the investigation process following Jang’s death.

She claims to have testified 13 times in total where she asserted that Jang’s story of sexual exploitation was true, but says police investigators did not document her testimonies. Moreover, not only did she provide crucial evidence for the case, but she also willingly pointed out perpetrators that she knew were involved.

However, although Yoon provided evidence of different offenders, only the CEO of Jang’s agency and her manager were put on trial. Conversely, the court acquitted ten influential figures, leaving room for suspicion.

In light of this stunning interview, the Truth and Reconciliation Prosecution Committee has recommended a reinvestigation. As such, the committee has transferred the case to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. It has been nine years since the case was first closed.



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