New anchor Lee Seul-gi happily reported the birth of her child on social media.

On Monday, former KBS news anchor Lee Seul-gi took to her social media account to reports an important life development. “We took our first family photo on March 10 at 5:19 a.m.,” wrote Lee. “Habo was born,” she said referring to her new son. Moreover, Lee noted that the experience was an eye-opener for her. “I never thought giving birth would be so hard. I respect every mother in the world,” she wrote.

Apparently, the delivery took a lot of out the news anchor. In her post, Lee reveals that when she stands up to goes see Habo, she has a blackout. “I want to go see the baby, but when I get up, I’m constantly losing consciousness. It breaks my heart,” she said. Even so, Lee promises to recover quickly so she can spend time with Habo. In the picture, Lee smiles with her husband and child.

Born in 1986, Lee worked as weather announcer for YTN and later joined KBS in 2011. She then went on to take other announcer and news anchor roles. In 2016 she married her boyfriend.




By O.C