A spy-romance drama ‘Different Dream’ (literal translation) starring actress Lee Young-Ae has confirmed to premiere in 2019.

Drama ‘Different Dream‘ is a historical drama set in colonial-era Korea. The story will revolve around a Korean surgeon Lee Young-Jin (played by Lee Young-Ae) who is raised by a Japanese family, and Kim Won-Bong, the leader of a major Korean independence fighter’s organization, Uiyeoldan.

Currently, the production team is in search of actors to play major roles including the male lead character, Kim Won-bong. Afterwards, they plan to  around Mongolia and Shanghai to start the actual filming. As a result, the production team aimed for a premiere in 2019, to celebrate 100th year of the establishment of the provisional Korean government during Japanese colonial rule.

Producer Go Dae-Hwa, who has also produced MBC ‘Jumong,’ KBS2 ‘Hwang Jinyi,’ and SBS ‘Doctor Stranger’ will produce the drama. Furthermore, Go will work with Director Yoon Sang-Ho, known for his master work MBC ‘Taewangsashingi.’

One of the drama producers said, “our drama ‘Different Dream’ is gathering much attention not only in Korea, but also overseas. Therefore, I expect it to become one of the biggest global projects of 2019.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim