Ahead of the dawning summer season, the food industry is working to attract consumers’ attention and appetite with fresh fruit flavors.

Image source – Yonhap News

On May 28, Haitai Confectionary company introduced its new products aiming for the summer crows. “Oh Yes Watermelon,” is a bright green pastry that utilizes a syrup made with watermelon extract and artificial and natural ingredients used to resemble the large fruit.

On the other hand, sandwich chain Subway has introduced three new subs as part of an “Avacado series” featuring the creamy (and somewhat fatty) green single-seeded berry. According to the company, the addition of avocado was done not only for its ability to pair well with other ingredients, but also for its health benefits.

Image source – Subway Foods

The fruit has a low sugar content and is rich in healthy fatty acids like oleic acid and omega 3. Moreover, it also contains over five essential nutrients including vitamin K, C, E, and B. Fun fact: avocados are almost available year around in Subway in the state of California, which is known as the avocado capital.

Besides the “Avocado trio,” the food chain also released an apple mango soymilk drink. The drink is fresh, tasty, and high in different vitamins and minerals. Additionally, customers can choose to have add-ons like coconut jelly, which can increase the tropical flavor.

However, this is not just a trend that Haitai and Subway are capitalizing on. Vegimill introduced a kiwi-avocado concoction while Lotte foods release a rich mango and coconut jelly treat as part of a sherbet popsicle line.

Image source – DOLE

Meanwhile, food conglomerate DOLE has come out with a new line of icy “Sweetio” treats just in time for the hotter weather. Three new popsicles featuring pineapple, mango, and banana are now available for customers in Korea. In particular, the new products feature more fruit, making them even more delicious and flavorful.

Are there any new summer treats that have caught your eye?



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