MC Jun Hyun-moo and model Han Hye-jin are at the middle of rumors that speculate the two are going through a breakup. Notable, this rumor came shortly after reports emerged that the two might be thinking of marriage.

Jun Hyun-moo
Image source – OSEN News

On Saturday, rumors began to spread on online communities that Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin (also known as Han Jin) are separating. In these communities, some have reasoned that a breakup explains why they are interacting less than usual on MBC’s variety show “I Live Alone.” Some netizen are concerned that the excessive amount of attention that media and fans have focused on the two has finally taken a toll on the couple.

Amid all of this speculation, Jun and Han have not released an official statement regarding the matter. Just last month, the couple responded to rumors that they were planning to get married, say that it is not true. Now, once again, they have found themselves in the middle of public speculation.



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