After JTBC announced a special episode of “Knowing Bros” featuring the members of group Roo’ra, netizen accused Lee Sang-min of influencing the production team.

Image source – OSEN News

On August 21, JTBC announced that Roo’ra members Kim Ji-hyun, Chae Ri-na, and Shin Jung-hwan would guest on a special episode of “Knowing Bros” netizen grew suspicious.

“Knowing Bro” cast member Lee Sang-min happens to be a member of Roo’ra as well. As the news of the group’s appearance on the show spread, a flurry of online opinions and suspicions that Lee might have thrown his weight around to bring the other members back into the limelight arose. Countless netizens flocked to Lee’s social media account to leave negative comments based on these suspicions.

However, Lee said he does not have the authority to decide who will or won’t participate in the JTBC show. “I am not in a position to give any suggestions to the production team. I too have to work diligently (on the show),” Lee explained in response to comments.

Lee’s agency also responded similarly. An agency official said that “Lee did not mention or suggest Shin Jung-hwan first,” referring to the production team’s decision to invite him onto “Knowing Bros.” Further, the agency mentions that although Lee had talked about Roo’ra before it was due to his connection to the group and had no ulterior motives.



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