Korean writer Christina Kim, known for participating in the hit drama series “Lost,” is preparing to launch a new drama series featuring Korean-American figures.

According to hollywoodreporter, NBC is currently reviewing writer Christina Kim’s scenario as one of the possible choices for its new drama series. While the title is unknown, this particular scenario features three Korean-American women as its main characters.

Image Source – NBC “Blindspot”

The drama tells a story about three Korean-American sisters, who struggle to fight against the prejudice of the society towards the mixed-race. Standing between a Korean mother and American father, the sisters grew up constantly feeling confused about their biracial characteristics.

When the father, who is the CEO of a world-wide Asian food company, ends up in jail, the sisters are forced to stand and fight alongside him. However, they ultimately discover a dark secret that surrounds the company and eventually escapes from the shadows of their father to begin their journey to protect their company themselves.

Image Source – IMDb

Meanwhile, Km is known being the first Asian writer to join the second season of hit drama series “Lost” in 2004. Currently, she is working as a part of “Blindspot” as its chief producer and screenwriter alongside producer Martin Gero. The two will join forces once again, if NBC picks Kim’s scenario as its new drama series.

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Translated by Dasol Kim