Nana has expressed her wish to withdraw from upcoming drama “Four Men.”

On August 23, a source from Pledis Entertainment reported that the company has recently sent a notice of termination to the production team of upcoming drama “Four Men” for actress Nana. The source revealed, “the contract between the drama and actress ended on legal terms. We are currently in the process of organizing data to take legal actions.”

However, on the same day, the production team of “Four Men” revealed the one-way termination from the actress was illegal, and they cannot accept the notice. Victory Contents reported, “we have tried every possible way to continue communicating with Pledis Entertainment. Furthermore, we firmly believed that Nana would participate in the script reading scheduled to happen on August 25.”

They continued, “in the notice of termination Nana has sent us, they demanded an explanation for the unpaid performance fee as well as resuming of filming. In response, we have offered a solution that promised a full-payment in the future. However, the ongoing problem with the disappearance of our first producer was out of our control. It was something that the representative of Nana also gave us understanding for.”

At the end, the production team added, “we hope that Nana will reconsider her decision, for her fans and audience who have been waiting for the drama’s premiere, as well as staff, and co-stars.”

Meanwhile, the production for “Four Men” had came to a halt in May due to a unresolved conflict between Victory Contents and director Jang Tae-Yoo. However, it announced that the filming had resumed after a change in the producer, aiming for a premiere next year.

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Translated by Dasol Kim