Na Hye-Mi talks about her life with Eric and reassures fans that all is well!

On November 22 broadcast of SBS Power FM “Park Seon-Young’s Cine Town,” Na Hye-Mi appeared as a guest to promote her new film “Hana’s Restaurant” along with her co-star, Choi Jung-Won.

Image Source – SBS

Na Hye-Mi first greeted her fans by saying, “this is my first time being on a radio show. I’m so nervous to even swallow my saliva.”

Then, she received a simple question about her marriage with Shinhwa member Eric. The couple got married in July, 2017 after ending their 5-year relationship. When asked how things are, Na Hye-Mi answered, “it was hard at the beginning. However, I think we have finally entered the stage of stability. We are living very comfortably.”

She continued, “marriage is very different from dating. Since you are living under the same roof, there are some things that you have to understand and respect about one another.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim