The 260th episode on KBS’s The Return of Superman captivated the audience with Na Eun’s maturity.


On January 13, KBS’s The Return of Superman aired a new episode capturing the hearts of viewers through soccer player Park Joo Ho’s children Nae Eun (3) and Geon Hoo (2). For this week’s episode entertainer Gwanghee, who recently returned to the spotlight after completing his mandatory military service, made a visit to Park Joo Ho’s home to play with Nae Eun and her younger brother Geon Hoo.

Gwanghee has stated that he was captivated by the children when he watched Geon Hoo get really angry on the previous episode of KBS’s The Return of Superman. That particular segment has gotten over 1 million views turning viewers into Geon Hoo’s fans.

This week’s episode showed Gwanghee take his role as a babysitter with excitement as he played with the siblings. He performed on his ukulele while singing along, read books aloud and acted like an elephant so the children could ride on him. After playing together for a while, Gwanghee in his tired state acted like he had fainted to prank Na Eun and Geon Hoo.

At Gwanghee’s state, Na Eun and Geon Hoo both displayed their compassion by rushing to check on him. Geon Hoo cutely (attempted to) administered CPR while Na Eun wiped Gwanghee’s face with a damp cloth. The actions of the siblings melted the hearts of the viewers amazed at the young toddlers’ actions.

Later during Gwanghee and the siblings’ excursion to the jjimjilbang, Na Eun was tasked with getting shikae (sweet rice drink) and boiled eggs for the boys. During her return, carrying a heavy tray of food and drinks, Na Eun ended up dropping her items. Amazingly Na Eun’s response to this accident was to calmly walk to Gwanghee to inform him of her accident rather than crying as would be expected of her age. After telling Gwanghee, Na Eun went back to the food stall where she had purchased the drinks to apologize and ask for towels to clean up the mess.

Seeing the mature behavior of Na Eun who is only 3 years old (considered 4 years old in Korea), viewers complimented with amazement on Na Eun’s actions saying “What kind of education did her parents give her for a 4 year old to be so rational and smart?” Others commented with “Cleaning up after herself, she is so lovable. ” What do you think? Aren’t Na Eun and Geon Hoo adorable?


By Sara N