On May 1, boy band IZ dropped a music video for their newest single, ‘Angel.’

IZ also had a showcase for the new album ‘Angel’ on May 1st. During the interview, the group said, “we had a big gap between promotions as a rookie. During that gap, we practiced again and again. Considering the time and effort we have put into this album, we are confident that this album is one of our best works.”

In addition, Bang Si-Hyuk, the director of Big Hit Entertainment who created a legendary boy group BTS, took total control of IZ’s new album production. Regarding this news, IZ said, “we once covered a song produced by Bang Si-Hyuk at our concert. After he saw the performance, he had apparently said that he saw much potential in us. That’s why he has decided to produce our album. We are very grateful.”

Check it out below!