[M/V] Feelin’ Like a ‘Papillion’! Check Out Jackson’s Solo Debut Single


GOT7’s Jackson has made his Solo debut with the club pumping song “Papillion”.

According to Oxford Dictionary the word “Papillion” originates from the Latin word “papilio” which means butterfly. The word is used well to not only convey the feeling of a person who has transformed and reached their final form, but also sounds extremely close to ‘billion’, which couldn’t just be a coincidence. Who doesn’t want to feel like a billion bucks?

The bass heavy song deviates from the music that GOT7 has produced in their three years. Additionally, “Papillion” fills a gap in the group’s discography: a club song. A few songs from the group’s past albums definitely come close, but have not nailed the sound like “Papillion” does.

Although the singer and rapper has made his solo debut, Jackson has made it clear that he has no intention to leave GOT7 in a response to comments on his official Instagram.

Check out “Papillion” here:


By O.C