The new epic drama “Mr. Sunshine,” handily beat out the competition, signaling that it might be the “it” show of the summer.

Mr. Sunshine
Image source – tVN

On July 7, tVN’s new drama “Mr. Sunshine” (written by Kim Eun-sook) recorded the highest ratings among currently airing cable TV dramas. According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode had a household rating of 8.9 percent for those using a paid platform like cable, satellite, and IPTV. Nationally, the show had a viewership rate of 10.6 percent.

Additionally, according to reports, the show had captured the attention of their targeted audience. Channel tVN’s targeted audience of men and women between 20 and 40 years old were 5.9 and 6.9 percent, respectively.

From the first broadcast, the show enraptured audiences with its grand scale, rich and colorful visuals, and compelling storyline. In particular, the acting done by character leads Lee Byung-hun, and Kim Tae-ri helped to bring the story to life. The juxtaposition of Eugene Choi (Lee), a U.S. soldier and noblewoman (Kim) is engaging, thought-provoking, and tension-filled.

In particular, Kim Eun-sook captured the turbulence of the Joseon Dynasty with vividity and realism that some say is unmatched. Further, director Lee Eung-bok worked to create and capture spectacular combat and action sequences. Together, the two prove to be a lethal force confirming their status as heavy-weights in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, “Mr. Sunshine” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. Moreover, the show will soon be available on Netflix for international viewers.



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