‘Mr. Sunshine’ Paid Product Placement Becomes the Talk of the Town


“Mr. Sunshine” has become the talk of the town with ever-increasing popularity.

Image source – tVN

Week over week, tVN’s epic drama “Mr. Sunshine” is proving to be a captivating show be recording double-digit viewership rating for three episodes in a row. Impressively, it has broken its record with each new episode.

The intricate stories surrounding key characters played by Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri are fascinating by themselves. However, the talk about the drama is not just about the main characters and the narrative. The paid product placement in different scenes has also gained significant traction and interest in home viewers.

Fans who spot products in the drama are checking the names if production support companies in the credits to track down the items. The placements are easy to find and are naturally integrated into the dialogue, making them seem natural and unabrupt.

Image source – tVN, CJ Oh Shopping

Such products like a teacup featured in a scene in the second episode are selling well on CJ Oh Shopping. Further, in another part with Kim Tae-ri, an oriental lantern with the name of a bakery is apparent. Unfortunately, it is not a real place. Instead, it is an exclusive line of doughy products created by Paris Baguette for the television series. Funnily enough, fans of other companies associated with the show are keeping a lookout to see how products will be incorporated in the drama.

Image source – tVN, Whotwi

Officials from the drama credit writer Kim Eun-sook for the seamless integration of the products into the show. “Kim Eun-sook is very skillful,” an official said. “She has a unique sense of style… some products were not in the script at first, but are later added. [Kim Eun-sook] smoothly paints them in (the script) without being awkward.”



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