Movie ‘Extreme Job’ Surpasses 10 Million Audiences


Movie Extreme Job (dir. Lee Byung-hun) has surpassed over 10 million audiences.

According to the data provided by Korean Film Council, Extreme Job had 10,003,087 accumulated viewers until 12:25PM on February 6th (KST).

Therefore, Extreme Job is officially the 18th Korean movie to have accumulated over 10 million audiences in history. If we include foreign films such as Avatar and Avengers: Infinity WarExtreme Job is the 23rd film in history to have over 10 million audiences. In the comedy genre, the film has become the 2nd film to surpass the number after Miracle in Cell No. 7.

Since Extreme Job was released in theaters on January 23rd, it has been #1 in box office for more than 2 weeks. Lee Hanee, who is one of the film’s main cast, shared a celebratory post on her Instagram.


by Audrey Joung


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