A testament to their international fame, MONSTA X has become the second K-pop group to interview with Access Hollywood.

Image source – Twitter

After appearing on “Good Day New York” idol group MONSTA X headed to Los Angeles for a milestone interview with “Access Hollywood,” becoming the second Korean pop group to appear on the show. According to reports, since member I.M is a fluent English speaker, the group had the interview without an interpreter. The first group to appear on the show was BTS.

The group is currently on the American portion of their world tour. With their international popularity, interviewers and different entertainment broadcasters have inundated the MONSTA X with requests. As such, with the exception of travel time and performances, the group is making a dedicated effort to promote themselves in the U.S. Moreover, in addition to the two programs listed earlier, they have also interviewed with Buzzfeed, Billboard, and iHeartRadio.

Meanwhile, next month the group will head to Mexico and from there to South American for their tour.



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