MIXNINE Plagued by bad management and planning, even after its final episode.

Image source – MIXNINE


About two weeks have passed since the winners of MIXNINE, the YG idol survival show, were chosen. However, the details of their activities remain uncertain.

This uncertainty is apparently due to inefficient discussions with the winning idol’s companies if they have one. In a delayed response to the media, a show official said on February 12 that “we are in discussions with each of the agencies and are working on our future plans.”

On the same day that MIXNINE official responded to media inquiries, affiliated company officials said, “…we have not received detailed information about YG’s planned activities.”

Conversely, Mnet’s Produce 101, which kick-started the idol survival program trend, has a reliable system. They systematically converse with management companies based on the group’s activity period. Moreover, Mnet does all of this planning before the end of the show.

Furthermore, KBS’s “The Unit” is following a similar system an is reportedly deciding how long to continue its finalists’ activities. More, show officials are also planning a two-week special television program.

As a result of the poor planning and management for the show, the winners will only be able to do activities for about four months. Unsurprisingly, it is generally agreed that it would be difficult to have proper group activities.

Although the activities of the winners have not happened yet, if they do not have a successful activity period, it will be the final nail in the coffin of an anticlimactic program.



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