Now the university may revoke admissions and void the degrees of some celebrity students.

Kyung-hee university jo kwon
Image source – OSEN News

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that Kyung-hee University provided preferential treatment for singer Jung Yong-hwa, Jo Kwon, and Cho Kyu-man.

In response, the university said that it was entirely prepared to accept the results of the ministry’s ruling. On March 5 school officials said, “Today the ministry announced the results of its on-site investigation of the graduate schools’ operations. As a result of the investigation, the ministry demanded we revoke the admission of Jung Yong-hwa and Cho Kyu-man. More, we will void the degree earned by Jo Kown.”

However, the school is awaiting the official written message from the ministry to before they act on the demands. The official said, “When the official letter arrives, we will proceed according to procedures. We will accommodate the request of the ministry under school regulations.”

The  Korean Ministry of Education launched an investigation in response to suspicion of favorable admission and academic treatment of celebrities at Kyung-hee University. Further, the on-site probe lasted for five days from February 9 to the 13.

Additionally, the Ministry viewed the preferential treatment as a violation of the Higher Education Act. As such, they have made the stipulation that the school cancels Jong Yong-hwa and Cho Kyu-man’s admission to the school. More, it has also demanded that the three Kyung-hee University staff who were indicted along with the singers, be punished accordingly.


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