Microdot will no longer tolerate the spread of false rumors regarding his parents.

On November 19, a representative of Microdot announced their plans to take strong legal action against rumors regarding the rapper’s parents. The source revealed, “the rumors about Microdot’s parents are false. Simply said, the claims are baseless. We are currently preparing to take legal action against all accusations.”

Previously, a post accusing the rapper’s parents of fraud circulated around various online communities. The post suggested that the family, when they were living in a small town near JeCheon, Chungcheong Province, had committed fraud against their neighbors. Soon afterwards, the family left to New Zealand, never compensating for their wrongdoings.

Meanwhile, Microdot debuted as a member of group All Black in 2006. Currently, he appears in Channel A’s “The Fishermen and the City” and gathered much attention from the public for admitting his romantic relationship with actress Hong Soo-Hyun.

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Translated by Dasol Kim