Rapper Microdot has been laying low ever since a scandal involving his parents came to life, but decided to make a move to distance himself from Jung Joon-young.

Image source – OSEN News

On Wednesday, Shin Jae-ho, better known by his stage name Microdot, distanced himself from singer and TV celebrity Jung Joon-young. Last October, the two collaborated on the song “You,” which Shin advertised on his Instagram account.

However, with the recent revelations that Jung filmed and shared footage of 10 different women he has sexual relations with without their consent, the rapper deleted the ad. In particular, it is one of the few actions the artists has taken on social media since his own scandal broke last year. Further, he joins a growing list of celebrities and entertainers who are separating themselves from Jung.

Snapshot from Microdot’s Instagram account

During the financial crisis in the 1990s, Shin’s parents borrowed money from friends and took out loans with no intention of paying them back. The now senior couple left to start life anew in New Zealand where they have prospered. Now, with the negative effects, the situation has caused their son, the couple is now actively taking steps to settle the matter.




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