Although Microdot has gone MIA since admitting that financial fraud claims against his parents are real, close observers discovered that he is still using social media.

Image source – OSEN News

About two months ago, rapper and entertainer Microdot and his family into hiding. He stepped down from his shows and moved out of his apartment that was seen on “I Live Alone,” and kept clear of social media.

Likewise, Sanchez, his brother and a musician, never released a new song he had announced before the scandal broke out. Moreover, his parents have not returned to South Korea to speak with prosecutors. In fact, his disappearance was so thorough that rumors began to circulate that he had fled the country. So far, his whereabouts have been a complete mystery.

Image source – OSEN News, Instagram

However, on December 25 close observers of Microdot’s Instagram account noted that the rapper had recently followed any unknown person. More, he also deletes photos of his now ex-girlfriend Hong Soo-hyun after news of their break-up became public.

At the very least, people know that he has not entirely disappeared.

As he suddenly withdrew from public life, people started sympathizing for the rapper. After all, he was getting punished for a scheme that he had not been aware of and had no part in. On the other hand, his activity has garnered considerable criticism for his seeming willingness to play on social media, while not dealing with the issue at hand.

Microdot’s parents reportedly swindled about 2 billion won from around ten acquaintances during the Asian Financial Crisis in the 1990s. After doing so, they moved to New Zealand and had lived there ever since. After allegations from one of the victims proved to be credible, police sought to investigate the two, requesting that they come to South Korea. They did not comply. As such, the police have requested help from INTERPOL to repatriate the two.




Translated by O.C