Rapper Microdot has admitted that the rumors about his parents having committed fraud are true, and said he will take responsibility and apologize to the victims.

On November 21st, Microdot announced, “Although I know it is too late, I will meet every single person that was affected by my parents’ actions and apologize to them face to face”.

Earlier this week, Microdot was in hot water after several sources said they had been affected by the rapper’s parents’ fraud years ago. According to their claims, Microdot’s parents, who used to work in stock farming in Jaecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do Province, took money from their neighbors and fled to New Zealand.

After the posts spread out, Microdot announced that the rumors are false and he will take legal action. However, in the official announcement that was released today, he said, “I have hurt the victims twice by saying the rumors are false and I would take legal action againsat them. I am sorry. Although I know it is too late, I will meet every single victim and listen to them”.

Microdot continued and said, “When our family immigrated to New Zealand, I was 5 years old. When the news articles about my parents were published yesterday, I didn’t really know about these incidents. That’s why I said the rumors were false and I would take legal action. After reading many other articles that were published after my announcement, I thought about it a lot and it was really hard for me”.

Lastly, the rapper said, “As their son, I thought that I need to take responsibility. I would like to say that I am really sorry for those who were victims and their families, and I promise I will try my best to solve the problem”.


Original article
by Audrey Joung