Horacio Villalobos publicly apologized to boy group BTS and their fans Army’s for his controversial remarks towards BTS.

A Mexican talk show ‘Farandula 40’ recently addressed the outfits BTS wore at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, where the group received a ‘Top Social Artist’ Award. While discussing the outfits, Horacio Villalobos, one of the hosts for ‘Frandula 40’ made a rather offensive remarks towards the group.

In rough translation, he said, “they wore ‘Gucci’ outfits, yet it doesn’t work on them. The guys are way too skinny and the hairstyle also ruin the clothes. This ‘Gucci’ collection was a failure.” In addition, he said, “they look like they work at a gay club. Are you sure they are all men? They look like an LGBT group.”

The remarks immediately outraged all fans of BTS, demanding for the show to apologize. When the controversy continuously grew bigger, Horacio Villalobos finally apologized through his Twitter.

In the apology, he said, “it was never our purpose in our fashion section [of] @Farandula40 to offend fans of #BTS or anyone. If so, we offer you a sincere apology.”

Image Source – Twitter @Horacitu

However, fans are still angry after the apology. They argue that the fact that Villalobos made those remarks in the first place was offensive.

Meanwhile, BTS concluded their promotions for ‘Love yourself: Tear’ album in the United States and recently returned to Korea. They continued to dominate Billboard charts with ‘Fake Love’ even after their return, and have already won 4 wins at music shows.


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Translated by Dasol Kim