On April 25, Melon reported that they have discovered a new way to commit the “sajaegi” chart manipulation.

On April 25, one media outlet revealed that for 100 million won (approximately 93,000 dollars), people can manipulate the music chart by buying 10,000 different user ID’s to increase the streaming numbers of a song. This act is known as “sajaegi,” where they manipulate the chart to boost a song’s ranking.

Furthermore, they said, “there is an illegal application where you can use one main device to control 30 to 50 different user ID’s. This would mean that with 200 to 300 devices, you can control over 10,000 user ID’s.”

In the past, netizens accused many singers of committing the “sajaegi” chart manipulation. Recently, an indie singer Nilo was severely criticized when his song ‘Pass By’ soared up the chart and maintained 1st place all of a sudden.

In regards to this accusation, Melon clarified that chart is non-manipulatable. They continued, “there hasn’t been a suspicious activity in our system. Had there been one, we wouldn’t have applied it to our overall chart. We can assure you that the manipulation is not possible on the Melon chart.”

However, after the news broke out, Melon finally acknowledged that there has been an illegal act of chart manipulation.

On April 26, Melon said, “we received the news of possible chart manipulation acts. We discovered that some users log onto Melon via Kakaotalk and identify themselves with an illegally downloaded i-Pin to purchase the pass. To prevent further damage, we will bock all user ID’s that have been given using the i-Pin function.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim