After months of a general strike along with the cancellation and hiatus of many shows, the strike has officially ended.


The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) general strike will officially end November 15 at 9 AM (KST). This comes directly from the MBC Headquarters of National Press Worker’s Union (MBC Union) that announced that they would “temporarily suspend” the strike. However, although the strike is suspended and employees will be returning to work, some union members will not be returning to MBC.

The strike start started in September in response to political meddling done by the then CEO Kim Jang-gyeom. Both Kim and the CEO of the Korean Broadcast Station (KBS) Ko Dae-young were accused of meddling in media production to modify broadcasts in favor of former Park Geun-hye administration.

Furthermore, Kim and Ko were accused of putting an alleged blacklist created under former president Lee Myung-bak into action. The blacklist contained a selection of artists, journalist, entertainers, and other public figures known for their outspokenness and liberal views. People listed were apparently banned from broadcast appearances and other media activities.

Other than demanding for the resignation of Kim and Ko, union members want justice for mis-treated employees and a path to restore public trust in media. Because of these issues many expected the strikes to continue for much longer. However, with temporary suspension put into place should not be mistaken for complacency.

On another note, “Infinite Challenge”, “I Live Alone”, “Show! Music Core”, and other shows affected by the strike will resume recording this week. The “Infinite Challenge” production team said on the November 14, ” The first recording with the show members will be this Thursday, which is the 16. We will try to resume broadcasting by next week”. Production news for the other shows has not been released yet.


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