The production team of MBC’s survival program “Target Billboard: KILL BILL” made a second apology to rapper San E and viewers.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Friday, the production team of “Target Billboard: KILL BILL” posted a second apology on its website for the second time this week. This time, however, the apology was directed at San E in addition to viewers.

A few days ago, the show’s team issued an apology for a mishap that put the phrase “I ♡ Molka,” a reference the illegally act of using a hidden camera to film women without their permission, on a back screen during San E’s performance of his song “Feminist” for around a second.

Previously, the production team explained that they when they did a trial run of the broadcast they hadn’t caught the phrase. According to additional information released by the show’s team, the display of the controversial phrase was actually due to an editing error.

The phrase was meant to come up during San E’s performance, but a red “X” was supposed to appear over “I ♡ Molka” expression. However, when the camera shot changed, the X mark “could not be seen on the broadcast screen,” explained a representative.

As a result, the show’s team issued an apology to San E and viewers saying that the “screen did not accurately reflect the artist’s intent” and that it caused “misunderstanding and controversy.”

Shortly after the apology, San E took to social media to talk about the incident, firing back at critics. In his post, the rapper said that many people accused him of advocating the act of filming people illegally and that he is sexist. Rather, he alludes that viewers criticized based on an editing error without taking into consideration the “concept, content and lyrics of the entire stage,” he wrote.

Even so, viewers can hardly be faulted for jumping to conclusions. In the past, San E has made headlines for making controversial comments and actions in relation to women. Consequently, it wasn’t too far out to believe that the rapper had intentionally had the problematic phrase appear as it was during his performance purposefully.

Although San E laments how he was criticized for something that was out of his control, he realized that “the song is not fully conveying its satirical and pitched message and intention,” and will “try harder” going forward.




By O.C