Rumors circulated recently claiming that the “Idol Star Athletic Championships” would happen this year as a New Year’s special.

Image source: MBC

As the name of the event implies, the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” (ISAC), is an athletic competition between Korean idols. ISAC starts with track races, high jump, and Javelin throwing back in 2010. Through the years, however, the competitions expanded to include wrestling, archery, aerobics, and more.

ISAC is usually scheduled to air during the Chuseok holiday in Korea as an annual special. This year some of the biggest stars were set to participate including EXO and TWICE. However, due to the general strike against the now former CEO, ISAC was cancelled. Now that the strike has ended there is speculation that like other MBC show that returning post-strike that the competition will too.

Just this week rumors were circulating stating that ISAC would occur on New Year’s day. However, on Nov. 29 an MBC representative issued an official statement to the media. The representative said, “Nothing has ever been discussed about ‘ISAC’ up until this point. It has never been discussed that ‘ISAC’ will be revived next year. It (the rumor) is not true.” In the announcement MBC also expressed their perplexity with the rumor.

Many fans have expressed their dislike for the competition program since stars can get injured. These injuries can have an adverse affect of the idols abilities to participate in different activities. Notwithstanding these concerns, the idol competition consistently has high viewer ratings.

Source articles by OSEN News (1)(2)

Translated by O.C