During San E’s performance and controversial phrase appeared briefly on a screen in the background. Though only for a short while it has angered many people.

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Producers from the MBC hip-hop survival show “Target Billboard: KILL BILL” issued an apology for an inappropriate and problematic phrase that appeared during one of the competitor’s performances.

The phrase “I ♡ molka” appeared on a background screen for about one second during San E’s performance. Although the production team says they had a trial run of the broadcast, they failed to notice the phrase. As a result, they apologized to viewers for “not filtering out the inappropriate expression” and said they will be more vigilant going forward.

The phrase “I ♡ molka” appears on a screen as rapper San E performs his song “Feminist” – MBC

However, the apology has done little to alleviate the ire of some viewers. Comments have flooded online message boards with criticisms directed at both the show and San-E. Several people have demanded that the rapper be removed from the show while more have expressed skepticism about the production teams capability and truthtelling.

In particular, “molka” is a word that means “hidden camera.” These small and discreet cameras are sometimes hidden in public bathrooms, in public spaces, or handled by pedestrians to snap pictures of peoples’ underwear, up women’s skirts, or even using the bathroom. On some occasions, the footage is uploaded online or used for pornographic purposes.

Last year, as the “Me Too” movement reached South Korea’s shores, the issue of molka was brought to the forefront as thousands of women protested the cameras and the act that invades individuals’ privacy.

During this time, even celebrities got caught in the mix. Rapper Moon Moon was convicted for secretly filming women in a restroom and was promptly dropped from his label. Further, actress Shin Se-Kyung and Apink’s Yoon Bomi almost became victims of a molka scheme had they not discovered a camera disguised as a portable battery in their hotel room.



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