Rapper Mommy Son has become the brand model for popular household glove brand Mommy Son.

Mommy Son, a pinked masked rapper (who is speculated to be a person created by Mad Clown), is now the face of a popular household glove brand with which he shares an uncanny resemblance.

“[I] signed an official advertising contract with rubber glove brand Mommy Son,” said the rapper in an Instagram post on Wednesday. These kinds of deals are usually financially beneficial for brand models. However, that won’t be the case for the rapper.

“But I signed a ‘free contract’ and won’t receive the advertising model’s pay,” said Mommy Son. According to a further explanation, when he went to visit the company, it felt like his grandmother’s house. As such, he decided not to accept the money offered in the deal. “When I visited Mommy Son company, I decided not to receive the modeling fee because it felt like my grandmother’s house.”

Workers greeted him brightly during his visit and treated him warmly. “Even the employee who gave me coffee looked like family,” he said. Adding to the familial atmosphere at the company, it turned out that most of the employees have worked together long enough to be family.

“When I asked about the people who made Mommy Son’s rubber gloves, most of the employees worked [there] for more than 20 or 30 years. The fact that there are so many people who can work for a company for a long time in the latter half of their lives is difficult and a rare sight in our society,” said rapper Mommy Son.

That longevity of the employees was not the only aspect of the company culture that impressed the rapper. The fighting spirit of the executive was also inspiring. “I was impressed by the executive who said they could not quit their jobs just because they were a little slower than the younger [workers],” he explained. “Mommy Son and Mommy son will support each other for now on.”




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Image source – Instagram @pinkbeanieboiboi

Translated by O.C