After Yeeun, Microdot, Dok2, and Rain, Wheein from MAMAMOO is the latest celebrity to find herself embroiled in controversy due to her father.

Image source – OSEN News

On Tuesday, post circulated on online communities detailing the shady dealings of one man who borrowed 20 million won (17,686 USD) from his father. Unfortunately, the debt was never paid and contributed to a state of financial hardship. In particular, the poster’s father’s business went underwater in 2016 and he, bankrupt. Further, according he was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016 and passed away afterward. To substantiate their claims, a court ruling regarding the situation was also uploaded.

Sad as it may be, it is details about the debtor that created a buzz. According to the poster, the person who borrowed the 20 million won is the father of a well-known girl group member. As it turns out MAMAMOO Wheein is that girl group member.

In response to the story, Wheein, with the support of her agency RBW Entertainment, said she would settle her father’s debt and apologized. According to the singer, she did not know about the debts but will take moral responsibility. Additionally, Wheein took the extra step and also decided to reveal some personal details about her life and the relationship with her father.

In particular, the singer claimed to have had no interaction with her biological father for many years. “I don’t know where my biological father lives, what he does, and how he is doing,” she said. Nevertheless, she expressed her willingness to properly deal with the issue and settle the matter in his place. Acknowledging that she is embarrassed by the situation and that her image will suffer by the controversy, she will discuss it with her family and try to solve it peacefully.

Reacting to her story, netizens have been sending her messages of support. Online, some have left comments saying that she is not at fault and that it is sad that her family history was exposed.



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