MAMAMOO member Hwasa is going to make her solo debut next week!

Image source – RBW Entertainment

An official from MAMAMOO‘s agency RBW Entertainment reported that member Hwasa is going to make her debut as a solo artist next Wednesday, Feb. 13. Further, according to the agency, she will debut with a digital single “full of colors” that the singer and the company worked hard on.

It has been around five years since Hwasa debuted with MAMAMOO back in 2014. Now, in 2019, she will be taking steps to build her character as a soloist outside the group. She has ventered into this territory before, however. On the group’s sixth mini-album she had a solo song “Be Calm,” and last year she collaborated with rapper Loco for the hit track “Don’t Give It to Me.”

Hwasa is a well-rounded vocalist that can both sing and rap. On top of this, she is attention-grabbing onstage with her dance move, unique outfits, and strong stage presence. Moreover, her appearance on “I Live Along” coupled with her performances at different year-end award shows have won her a legion of fans and heightened influence.




Translated by O.C