Girl group Mamamoo member Hwasa confirmed to reappear on MBC ‘I Live Alone’

On June 20, Mamamoo’s agency said, “while it is true Hwasa is reappearing on MBC ‘I Live Alone,’ the date hasn’t confirmed yet. We are currently making final adjustments.”

Previously, Hwasa appeared on June 8 broadcast of MBC ‘I Live Alone’ and revealed her single-life. She did not hesitate to show her true self in her “natural habitat,” drawing much attention from the public. Afterwards, she was praised for her down-to-earth and honest personality.

Hwasa’s visit to gopchang (small intestines) restaurant especially gained much attention, leading to a shortage of gopchang in the country. Many restaurants reported that the whole country was out of gopchang due to Hwasa’s delicious mukbang on ‘I Live Alone.’

Image Source – MBC ‘I Live Alone’

Regarding this phenomenon, ‘I Live Alone’ producer Hwang Ji-Young said, “we did not expect her to cause this much issue. Especially with the gopchang, it was almost overwhelming. Even my friends and family said they went out for gopchang after that episode aired.”

Furthermore, she continued, “we of course ask the celebrities to reappear if the public wants it. Mamamoo’s Hwasa came off as very relatable and people want more of it.” PD Hwang even mentioned the possibility of Hwasa becoming the program’s regular and official member.

Hwang said, “I can’t promise anything, but there is a possibility that Hwasa could become one of our regular members. Once someone confirms to reappear on our show, that most likely leads to becoming a regular member.”

Meanwhile, Hwasa is scheduled to film another episode sometime next week. Her episode will air some time in July after she finishes studio recording as well.

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Translated by Dasol Kim