MAMAMOO released their first concept photo ahead of their comeback on the 29th.

Image source – RBW Entertainment

On Monday, MAMAMOO posted the first concept photo for their eight mini-album Blue;s. In the picture, member Solar has a mysterious and sultry aura emphasized by red light, warm hues, and in one picture, retro clothing. The styling includes a pearl necklace, white lace gloves, and a rotary phone which all come from a time that has long since passed, raising fans’ anticipation.

Image source – RBW Entertainment

Starting with Solar MAMAMOO will continue to release individual teasers for the rest of the group sequentially. Afterward, fans can expect different content related to Blue;s like a music solo film teasers and a track list, to be released. Following the release of Yellow Flower in spring and Red Moon this summer, Blue;s is set to reflect the sentimentality of autumn.



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