A male make up artist Kim Ki-Soo argued that he is traumatized to take pictures with fans, after a recent negative experience.

On May 22, Kim Ki-Soo uploaded what it seemed to be a screen capture of someone else’s SNS account on his Instagram. The post contained a picture of him and a “supposed fan,” and the comments that included negative things about the artist.

Image Source – Instagram @djkisoo

With the picture, Kim Ki-Soo revealed that after this traumatic experience, he doesn’t think he can ever take pictures with fans anymore. His exact words are as followed:

“You ran to me just so you could do this? You were very pretty so I assumed your personality was pretty as well… Your hands that took the picture were pretty, we took a pretty picture, and I remember your kind and pretty attitude where you thanked me three times and bowed at a 90 degree angle. Do you want to know something? Thanks to you, I am traumatized. From now on, I’m going to doubt everyone who wants to take a picture with me.”

However, while Kim Ki-Soo wanted to maybe receive sympathy from the public, the reaction was quite different.

Many people criticized him for uploading a non-celebrity’s account information without appropriate filtering. In addition, they argued that using the word “pretty” too many times suggested that Kim Ki-Soo was being sarcastic and judging someone’s appearance.


To this, Kim Ki-Soo responded, “the supposed fan in my previous post apologized to me. Because her apology sounded sincere to me, I decided to let it go as a small happening. However, I don’t understand why some people who barely know me are criticizing me and my fans. Everything is okay just because you apologized? I will accept the apology, but I will no longer tolerate anymore criticism.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim